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Austin Brawner - Brand Growth Experts
Austin Brawner

October 16, Tuesday @ 10:00 AM EST | 7:00 AM PST

How To Design Your Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy For Fast Growth

In this opening keynote, Austin Brawner will give you detailed advice on how to design your ecommerce email marketing strategy for fast growth by sending smarter and more profitable emails.

At a time when advertising is getting more expensive by the month, marketing with email is a simple way to leverage your brand’s marketing strategy while keeping costs down.

The simple fact is that email is a cheaper and more effective way to sell your product than many other strategies, including pay-per-click. One of the key reasons for this success is that the low cost of email allows you to capture larger profit from repeat purchases, which are essential to scaling an ecommerce business.

Sue Rice – Slice International
Sue Rice

October 16, Tuesday @ 11:30 AM EST | 8:30 AM PST

Old Wine, New Bottles – The Secret To Creating EPIC EMAILS for the 21st Century

Email makes you money when done correctly.

Emails build and cement your relationship—the trust and loyalty—that your customer has towards you. And the more they like you, the more they will buy and the higher your Lifetime Customer Value and overall long-term performance of your business.

In this masterclass titled Old Wine, New Bottles – The Secret To Creating EPIC EMAILS for the 21st Century, you'll find out why email is (or should be...!) still the top revenue channel for ecommerce brands.

Glen Thomson
Glen Thomson

October 16, Tuesday @ 1:30 PM EST | 10:30 AM PST

Case Study: Using Quiz Funnels To Get 66% Email Opt-in Rate And Adding 6 Figures To Store Revenue Without Extra Ad Spend

Personalization is quickly becoming a critical component to any online marketing strategy. It allows you to create compelling advertising that speaks to what a customer wants, and why they want it. When you personalize your marketing, buyers are left with a satisfying experience that will keep them coming back.

In this session, Glen Thomson will detail the front-end specifics of an effective personalization strategy, the survey funnel. He presents a case study on how a small, regional ecommerce store was able to add 6 figures into their revenue, just by catering better to their existing visitors.

Alexandra Edelstein

October 16, Tuesday @ 2:30 PM EST | 11:30 AM PST

Unlocking The Power Of Email Automation: Multiply Your Results With A Comprehensive Framework For Your Marketing Automation Strategy

In this masterclass you'll get a comprehensive framework for building (or improving) your marketing automation strategy. Alexandra will explain the 3 stages of building a solid email marketing automation strategy, and detailed step-by-step instructions for each stage.

This framework works on ANY email service provider, regardless of what you are using.

Miikka Kukkosuo
Miikka Kukkosuo

October 16, Tuesday @ 4:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM PST

The Top 5 Automated Customer Lifecycle Email Sequences That Every Store Needs To Drive Revenue (And How You Get Them Done)

Every ecommerce business needs automated, behavior-based email messages over the customer lifecycle. But what should you prioritize, and how to know if something is working?

In this practical session you'll understand where to start if you have no automation in place currently, and, if you already have been working with automation, what are some of most effective ways to structure these sequences and the 1% that will set you apart from the masses.

DAY 2 

Mike Jackness - EcomCrew
Mike Jackness

October 17, Wednesday @ 10:00 AM EST | 7:00 AM PST

How To Build Your Ecommerce Email List With Giveaways, Profitably

Do you ever wonder how some brands manage to build extensive email lists from scratch, often before their product is even created or introduced to the market?

In this session, we are joined by Mike Jackness, Co-Founder, EcomCrew, and a seven-figure entrepreneur who has done just that. In this interview, Mike details his “Trifecta Method,” the specific Facebook ad and email marketing tactic that created virality for his brand. Combined with specific follow-up email sequences, he shares how it will keep your customers coming back again and again. He also shares a ninja trick he's used to build a list to successfully launch a new product in a completely new niche, without an existing audience.

Adii Pienaar - Conversio
Adii Pienaar

October 17, Wednesday @ 11:30 AM EST | 8:30 AM PST

Abandoned Cart Emails That Work: How To Design A Perfect Cart Recovery Sequence

In this session of the Ecommerce Email Marketing Summit, Adii Pienaar shares successful tips and tactics to convert abandoned carts into sales.

Abandoned cart rates are on the rise, but there are many things you can do to recover sales from these customers and stay front of mind.

In this session, Adii addresses key issues leading to abandoned carts on ecommerce websites, and presents a 4-part cart abandonment sequence that you can use.

Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev

October 17, Wednesday @ 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST

Email Marketing A/B Testing Masterclass: How To Get Real Results And Identify Signal From Noise

The sad truth is that most marketers are doing email A/B testing incorrectly. Many email services and tools make it deceptively simple to run "a/b tests" for ecommerce emails, but in reality the vast majority of these are redundant and proof of nothing else than wishful thinking.

In this session, a true master of A/B testing, Georgi Georgiev, explains in detail what it takes to design an email marketing A/B test the right way. Georgi explains the key statistical concepts and describes the very common pitfalls and challenges everyone considering A/B testing needs to be aware of.

Steve Deckert

October 17, Wednesday @ 2:30 PM EST | 11:30 AM PST

Don't Be A Vending Machine: How To Best Reward Your Customers To Build Loyalty (Without Constant Discounts)

In the competitive world of ecommerce, customer loyalty can mean the difference between success and failure. Your brand needs to create an identity that will distinguish you from your competitors and create an experience that will keep customers coming back, time and time again.

Steve is the co-founder of, currently the number one tool in loyalty and gamification solutions for online businesses. In this session, he will go into detail about why he believes so many online businesses are in trouble, and presents the Three Killer Traps that ecommerce businesses are facing. He will also describe the meaning of true loyalty and specific solutions that you can use to avoid the traps.

Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers

October 17, Wednesday @ 4:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM PST

Create Your Amazing 60-Second Sales Hook to Increase Email Opt-ins and Sales

Discover the amazing 60-second sales hook that creates an instant bond with your best prospects. Kevin Rogers, a stand up comic turned copywriter and one of the most in-demand sales consultants online, shares his klt formula.

This simple yet effective formula comes from years of stand-up comedy and is fast and easy to create - every business should have one!

Learn how to use the formula to capture more emails and to get high-impact customer testimonials.

DAY 3 

Matt Sanocki
Matt Sanocki

October 18, Thursday @ 10:00 AM EST | 7:00 AM PST

How To Create Intelligently Designed, Beautiful Ecommerce Emails That Convert To Purchases

How to design emails that look good AND drive sales? Get a crash course on ecommerce email design with template examples in this masterclass by Matt Sanocki.

Matt guides your through how to create emails that lead to purchases, from best practices for calls to action to avoiding common pitfalls with images. There are LOTS of examples here that you and your team can apply immediately.

Lucy Bloomfield
Lucy Bloomfield

October 18, Thursday @ 11:30 AM EST | 8:30 AM PST

Fast Forward 0 to 10,000 Customers - Building Long-Term Repeat Customer Relationships With Authentic Email Marketing

In 2015, Lucy quit her job and founded the cosmetics company Trefiel. In just 18 months, she and her business partner were able to grow their business from zero to 10,000 customers. This was accomplished through a combination of hard work, adaptation, and also great (email) marketing.

In this session she will walk us through the steps needed to implement effective marketing strategies in a growing online business, with a focus on creating simple, yet engaging, email marketing campaigns. She will also reveal how she used various non-discount lead magnets to grow their list, and surveys to prepare successful new product launches.

Steve Chou
Steve Chou

October 18, Thursday @ 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST

Case Study: 7-Figure Ecommerce Sales Funnel (That You Can Model)

Steve Chou is the founder of multiple 7-figure businesses, including the ecommerce store Bumblebee Linens and Like so many successful ecommerce business owners, is a huge proponent of effective email marketing. On average, 30% of his revenue is generated by email marketing alone, and he relies on it for much of his customer nurturing and retention strategy.

As the co-founder of Bumblebee Linens, in this session Steve will share invaluable advice from his career as an online entrepreneur including his philosophy on cross-platform integration, specific email marketing timelines and strategies, and tips on how to win back customers who seem to have lost interest.

Manuel Suarez

October 18, Thursday @ 2:30 PM EST | 11:30 AM PST

The Money Is In The List: How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots To Engage Cold Audiences And Extract Emails Naturally

Manuel Suárez is a huge believer in Facebook adverting and chatbots, and has been able to build up massive lists for pennies on the dollar. This has allowed him to reach results like taking his own brand from 0 to $6 million on Amazon in less than 2 years.

In this masterclass, Manuel will walk you through the detailed steps on how to use Facebook ads in your own list building, including on-screen examples. Manuel also demonstrates how you can and should simultaneously build Messenger audiences and your own email list, and how to use those to establish close bonds with your subscribers.

Catherine Langman

October 18, Thursday @ 4:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM PST

How To Capture New Email Addresses, Gain Customer Trust And Grow Your Ecommerce Sales On Autopilot

Catherine Langman has endless success stories on how email marketing is the backbone of online sales generating efforts. There are a lot of valid marketing initiatives you can utilize in ecommerce businesses, but email is a low-cost marketing strategy you can employ.

In this session you will hear from Catherine tangible examples on how to design your email marketing. She'll explain how to do list building the right way (effectively and profitably) and present her specific, recommended 3-part welcome nurturing sequence for new subscribers. You'll also learn how to welcome new customers, and a lot more.


Michael Hauge
Michael Hauge

October 19, Friday @ 10:00 AM EST | 7:00 AM PST

Master Your Ecommerce Brand Story Using Hollywood Magic

Michael has been one of Hollywood’s top coaches and story experts since 1985, and has worked with countless screenwriters, novelists and filmmakers. He’s consulted on projects starring (among many others) Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman, Charlize Theron, Alec Baldwin and Margot Robbie.

Applying those same, powerful storytelling principles, Michael uses his 6 Step Success Story™ process to help entrepreneurs and executives earn millions of dollars by transforming the lives of their clients and followers.

Discover how to use the secrets of Hollywood storytelling magic with your ecommerce brand – attract and convert more customers by giving them their own emotional experience of success and achievement.

You'll also see Michael perform a live story critique, reviewing the stories of two real ecommerce brands and offering his advice on making those much more engaging.

Brennan Dunn – RightMessage
Brennan Dunn

October 19, Friday @ 11:30 AM EST | 8:30 AM PST

Advanced Marketing Automation Strategies: How to Offer a Truly Personalized Customer Experience

People buy more when they feel like they are being listened to and offered solutions to their specific needs. In this session you will discover advanced marketing automation and email marketing strategies and tactics that you can use to make your ecommerce customers to feel like they're visiting a local corner shop where the owner knows them personally.

Few stores outside of the giants do this kind of personalization at all – yet there are simple steps you can take to 2-4x the amount of emails you are collecting, increase sales and more!

Alex Fedotoff - AF Media Agency
Alex Fedotoff

October 19, Friday @ 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST

Advanced Marketing Automation Strategies: How to Offer a Truly Personalized Customer Experience

Alex Fedotoff is the founder of AF MEDIA, agency that has helped ecommerce brands get $100+ million in tangible business results. In this session Alex Fedotoff shares advanced strategies on how you can use Facebook advertising to drive revenue, using both your existing customer base, as well as finding new customers using Facebook, and how to grow your email list using Facebook ads.

Alex will also explain the concepts of a front-end and back-end of your business, and how a strong back-end is the only thing you need to accelerate your growth (and why Facebook ads will be difficult if you don't have that).

Tyler "Sully" Sullivan

October 19, Friday @ 2:30 PM EST | 11:30 AM PST

Architecting 6-Figure Product Launches And Other Email Marketing Lessons From A $6M+ Ecom Entrepreneur

A few years ago, Tyler "Sully" Sullivan, was an ecommerce entrepreneur running a growing store–and admits he wasn't an "email believer."

However, he finally started dabbling with email marketing for his ecommerce store – the results astonished him and took his company and his career on a new trajectory. 

In this session, Sully explains in detail with no holds barred his full experience, what he's learned, how he does email marketing and what works right now.

Miikka Kukkosuo
Miikka Kukkosuo, Host

October 19, Friday @ 4:00 PM EST | 1:00 PM PST

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