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Steve Chou – Case Study: 7-Figure Ecommerce Sales Funnel (That You Can Model)

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Case Study: 7-Figure Ecommerce Sales Funnel (That You Can Model)

Discover how to scale your store and maximize return on ads by creating an effective 'middle of funnel' strategy with email capture and must-have email sequences to move new leads further towards their first purchase.

About Steve Chou

Steve Chou is the founder of multiple 7-figure businesses, the ecommerce store Bumblebee Linens and He carries both a bachelors and a masters degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Despite majoring in electrical engineering, Steve spent a good portion of his graduate education studying entrepreneurship and the mechanics of running small businesses. Steve’s also a husband and father of 2 kids.

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Michael Hauge

Founder, StoryMastery
Story Expert | Coach | Speaker | Author

Master Your Ecommerce Brand Story Using Hollywood Magic
(Incl. Live Story Makeover)

Austin Brawner - Brand Growth Experts

Austin Brawner

CEO and Founder, Brand Growth Experts
Host, Ecommerce Influence

How To Design Your Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy For Fast Growth

Steve Chou

Multi-7-Figure Founder
Bumblebee Linens |

Case: 7-Figure Ecommerce Sales Funnel (That You Can Model)

Mike Jackness - EcomCrew

Mike Jackness

Co-Founder, EcomCrew Entrepreneur | Investor
7-Figure Ecommerce Seller

How To Build Your Ecommerce Email List With Giveaways, Profitably

Sue Rice – Slice International

Sue Rice

Founder, SLICE International Marketing strategist | Professional Copywriter

Old Wine, New Bottles – The Secret To Creating EPIC EMAILS for the 21st Century

Brennan Dunn – RightMessage

Brennan Dunn

Co-Founder, RightMessage | Founder, DoubleYourFreelancing

Advanced Marketing Automation Strategies: How to Offer a Truly Personalized Customer Experience

Kevin Rogers

Founder, Copy Chief
Best-Selling Author | Speaker | Direct Response Copywriter

Create Your Amazing 60-Second Sales Hook to Instantly Increase Email Opt-ins and Sales

Adii Pienaar - Conversio

Adii Pienaar

Founder, Conversio
Co-Founder, WooCommerce & WooThemes

How To Create An Abandoned Cart Series That Converts

Alex Fedotoff - AF Media Agency

Alex Fedotoff

Founder, AF Media Facebook Ads & Sales Funnel Expert

Scaling Your Store To 7-8 Figures And Beyond Combining Facebook Ad Funnels And Email Marketing

Tyler Sullivan

Founder, Bombtech Golf Co-Founder, EcomGrowers

Architecting 6-Figure Product Launches And Other Email Marketing Lessons From A $6M+ Ecom Entrepreneur

Matt Sanocki

Founder, Marketer, Strategist, Designer

How To Create Intelligently Designed, Beautiful Ecommerce Emails That Convert To Purchases

Alexandra Edelstein

Senior Product Manager, Klaviyo

Unlocking The Power Of Email Automation: Multiply Your Results With A Comprehensive Framework For Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Catherine Langman

Founder, Productpreneur Success
Ecommerce Entrepreneur

How To Capture New Email Addresses, Gain Customer Trust And Grow Your Ecommerce Sales On Autopilot

Manuel Suárez

Founder, Attention Grabbing Media
Facebook Marketing Ninja

The Money Is In The List: How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots To Engage Cold Audiences And Extract Emails Naturally

Steve Deckert

Co-Founder, Entrepreneur  

Don't Be A Vending Machine: How To Best Reward Your Customers To Build Loyalty (Without Constant Discounts)

Lucy Bloomfield

Ecommerce Entrepreneur Director, Business 2iC

Fast Forward 0 to 10,000 Customers - Building Long-Term Repeat Customer Relationships With Authentic Email Marketing

Miikka Kukkosuo

Ecommerce Marketing Automation Consultant
Klaviyo Expert

The Top 5 Automated Customer Lifecycle Email Sequences That Every Store Needs To Drive Revenue (And How You Get Them Done)

Glen Thomson

Lead Generation Expert
Certified ASK Method® Professional

Case Study: Using Quiz Funnels To Get 66% Email Opt-in Rate And Adding 6 Figures To Store Revenue Without Extra Ad Spend

Georgi Georgiev

Owner, Web Focus & | Google Partners Certified Trainer

Email Marketing A/B Testing Masterclass: How To Get Real Results And Identify Signal From Noise


​Tailored for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

​You’ll discover what the world’s top experts are doing to grow direct-to-consumer brands with email marketing. 
The summit is specifically focused on improving the skills of growing, founder/owner-driven brands that focus on the online sales channels.

​You’ll Get Step-By-Step Instructions from the Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Experts in the World

Ecommerce Email Marketing Summit is packed with a combination of action-step masterclasses, expert training sessions and advanced case studies. 

You get to see 15+ world-class experts and ecom entrepreneurs share their best marketing strategies & actionable advice that you can use immediately (and profit). 

Discover and identify the best overall email marketing strategy for your ecommerce business and what funnels you need to build.

​Avoid Guesswork and Wasted Time 

Email can (and should) be a very powerful marketing tool for your ecommerce store. But email has also become a very crowded channel. 

In this summit, you’ll hear exactly what’s working today in ecommerce email marketing to cut through the clutter – the material is unique, free from fluff, pitches and self-promotion. 

Avoid wasting your precious and most valuable resource i.e. time on guesswork, trial & error, and reinventing the wheel.

No Time? Feeling Overwhelmed? No Problem!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed – sign up NOW in any case to claim your access pass while it’s FREE to keep your options open.

You will have a chance later to upgrade to premium on-demand access to all sessions and materials that you can go through on your own pace – or hand them over to a team member or someone else to implement for you. 

The strategies presented are evergreen, so no worries if you can’t get to it right now.

Save Time & Money - 

No Travel Required

Most of the industry conferences cost thousands of dollars when you take into account entrance fees, accommodation and travel costs, plus the time wasted in traveling.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Summit is fully online, meaning you can watch the sessions from your home or office, and also bring on your VA or team members to learn & implement the strategies and tactics for you.

Free to Attend 

(For a Limited Time)

Watch all expert sessions for free for 48 hours.

Simply follow the advice to implement your own ecommerce email marketing system to virtually guarantee that you'll generate a huge ROI from email marketing in 2018 and years to come.

The best part is, when you create your automated email marketing system, it will keep generating and amplifying your results day in and day out, over months and years.


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